Bible Study

I- Refresh Your Faith

      1-Deflect the darts- Eph. 6:15

      2-Deal with sin- I Jn. 1:8,9

      3-Dedicate yourself back to God

                        -His word- Jer. 15:16

                        -His work

      4-Don't forget to be thankful- Ps 50:14-14

II- Refresh Your Focus

       1-Abishai's focus- "I'll kill him"- v9

       2-David's focus

                 -v12- "It may be the Lord......"

III- Refresh Your Fervor

      1-Fervent in spirit- Romans 12:9-11

      2-Fervent mind- II Cor. 7:7

      3-Fervent prayer- James 5:16

      4-Fervent charity- I Peter 4:8