Howe To Get To Heaven
1-Realize that you are a sinner- Romans 3:23

2-Realize there is a penalty for sin- Romans 6:23

3-Realize Jesus died on the cross to pay for your sins
                      -Romans 5:8
                      -Romans 6:23b

4-Realize you must ask Jesus to come into your heart- Romans 10:13

You might pray something like this (the prayer won't save, but the faith in Christ will).

"Dear God, I know that I am a sinner. But right now, I am asking Jesus to come into my heart, save my soul,
and take me to Heaven when I die. For right now, I'm trusting Christ and His death, burial and resurrction for my salvation. Come into my heart right now and save me. I am trusting you as my Savior. Amen.

Please let us know if you have trusted Christ as your Savior. God bless you.